Trump loses all the time,
but it’s never his fault.

Drawing of Donald Trump yelling at his computer while playing Overwatch.

“My team sucks!”

Donald Trump has fired two campaign managers, his policy team quit because he forgot to pay them, and he is being abandoned by the Republican party. If he can't even keep his campaign together, how is he going to bring the country together?

Trump always has someone else to blame for his own poor judgement. After he asked Vladimir Putin to hack Hillary's campaign, he blamed the press and said he was “being sarcastic.” When Trump incorrectly said that Russia hadn't annexed Crimea, he blamed the interviewer. And of course after he perpetrated a racist lie about President Obama's birth certificate, he somehow blamed Hillary Clinton.

Drawing of Donald Trump dressed up as a grumpy-looking archer.
Drawing of Donald Trump dressed up as a grumpy-looking space robot.

“The controller is broken!”

After his disastrous performance at the first debate, Trump claimed that his microphone didn’t work. After losing the second debate, he blamed the moderators for not letting him talk enough even though he spoke over a full minute more than Hillary.

He has a long history of blaming other people when things don’t go well. After he took a dive in the polls, he falsely accused a Colorado fire marshal of sabatoging his rally even though moments before that rally, the same fire department rescued him from a broken elevator (really). Trump said the fire marshal “didn't know what he was doing” and “was probably a Democrat.”

“This screen has input delay!”

Every presidential candidate since Nixon has released their tax returns to the American people, but Trump clearly has something to hide.

Maybe he has ties to foreign businesses. Maybe he’s a terrible businessman and has lost billions of dollars. Or maybe he just doesn’t pay his taxes. Regardless, he says he can’t release his taxes because the IRS is auditing him. But the IRS says that’s not true.

Drawing of Donald Trump dressed up as a sad-looking cyborg.
Drawing of Donald Trump dressed up as an evil-looking videogame warrior.

“The other team is using hax!”

Trump claims that the “dishonest media” is biased against him, even though all of the major networks have given him millions of dollars of free air time.

The truth is that Trump is so uniquely unqualified to be president that not a single major newspaper has endorsed him.

Even papers that have never endorsed a Democrat, like The Arizona Republic and The San Diego Union-Tribune, have turned against Trump.

“This game sucks”

Donald Trump has no regard for the American democratic process, and has said that if he loses the election, it’s because the system is rigged against him.

He has made veiled death threats against Hillary Clinton and called for her to be “locked up.” He doesn’t even know what’s in the U.S. Constitution. When a member of Congress asked him about Article One, which defines congressional powers, he said, “I am going to abide by the Constitution whether it’s number one, number two, number 12, number nine.” The Constitution has seven articles.

Drawing of Donald Trump dressed up an armoured scavenger-type warrior.

Only one campaign in this election has a team that works together.

Our country has never gotten anywhere by blaming other people for our problems. Hillary Clinton’s message, “Stronger Together,” is the only way for America to come together as a team. With less than a month to go before election day, it’s time for us to join Hillary’s team and do our part.

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